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How It Works!

This page will try to explain in a little more detail about what this app is for and how to use it.
We can't possible have every item in the world in our database, however, if you add an item, a list of possible stores should pop up and you can choose which one you would like to purchase your item at. 
Once you have done this, when you are near that store the app should send you a push notification reminding you to get your item, while your near that store.

Item Possible Merchants DATE Added Item Purchased
MilkUnited, Walmart, HEB, Allsup's, more...2020-10-17Yes
Fence PostsLowe's, The Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Walmart, more...2020-04-12No
Gas7-11, Allsup's, Yesway, Exxon, United, HEB, more...2020-05-22No
StaplerWalmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, more...2020-05-15Yes
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You are near a Lowe's Store, did ya get your

Fence Posts?