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Did Ya Get It?

This is our app to try and help remind you to get things done while you're in the neighborhood, instead of getting to your destination and realizing you forgot something. It can be anything, you are in control of your list and where you want to get the item.


How to use the app!


Item Input

start typing the name of your item, and if the item has been input in our app before by you or a previous user, it should populate a list of items to choose from. Select the one you're looking for, and if nothing populats, simply finish typing the item name and click add item.


Choose a Merchant

Once you have chosen the item you need to remember to get, a merchant list should populate of possible locations near you where you might be able to get the item. As a lot of items are available at multiple stores, you can simply choose the one that best fits your preferences.



That is all there is to it. The app will do the rest. Next time you are near that store, you should recieve a push notification reminding you to go get your item. What if you don't go near that store? Well you can also put your home address in your profile, and if you get near this location and havn't checked off any items as purchased, then you should recieve a notification yet again, so you can go get it before you get out of your vehicle and start getting comfortable at home.


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